How to Use Astrocartography for Deep Personal Transformation

With the revitalized popularity of astrology, it's no wonder that astrocartography is coming into common use as a method of self-guidance. 

Particularly for the purpose of travel guidance, many are looking to astrocartography to figure out which locations are influenced by the best celestial energy for them to thrive in. 

However, if you look at an astrocartography map, you will likely feel more lost than you did to start with!

Without a thorough understanding of their meanings, the map’s blur of colored lines and symbols leaves a lot to the imagination.

In this post, we’ll unpack the astrocartography map, revealing its mysteries so that it can help reveal your fortune. 

What Is Astrocartography?

Astrocartography is a form of astrology that focuses on geographical location.

By mapping your natal chart onto the world map, astrocartographers believe that the planetary lines indicates locations of significance for you.

Astrocartographers guide people with the use of these maps, translating the meanings of the planetary lines and what certain locations they cross may hold in store. 

Every location holds different planetary energies for each individual, due to the specific date and timing of their birth. 

How Does Astrocartography Work

Astrocartography identifies geographic locations that, because of their latitudinal alignment with certain celestial beings, will potentially bring you good or bad fortune of different kinds. 

The influence of each planet is different, the specifics of which we will cover extensively later on. 

An astrocartography map projects the lines of your natal chart onto the world map, so as to form planetary latitudinal and longitudinal lines which cross geographical locations. 

Look out for the celestial body each coloured line is linked to by following them to their respective symbols which lie in the margins or axis of the map. 

By following these celestial lines, you can forecast your fortune. 

At the location in which your latitudinal Jupiter line, for example, crosses through or meets with your longitudinal Jupiter line, you may experience joy, prosperity, and good fortune.

This may not be in an instant or particularly noticeable way, but rather might be delivered in the form of a challenge that you have to overcome in this location (or throughout your travels to get to it). 

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In this way, your fortune might be fulfilled in a natural and subtly discernable way.

The Basics Of Your Astrocartography Map: What The Lines Represent

There are believed to be malefic planets and benefic planetsthe energies of which influence the locations that the planetary lines cross. 

Each major celestial being has a range of qualities associated with it.


The sun is associated with your outwardly visible persona, and can affect the light in which you are perceived by others. 

Your authority may be elevated under the influence of the sun, and this may lead you to possessing a new sense of pride. 


The moon is associated with divine femininity, emotion, and motherly instincts. 

These are triggered by your enhanced ability to adapt and react to the people around you under the influence of the moon. 


The influence of Mercury is said to enhance your communication, both outwardly and with the self. 

This is because your thinking patterns become focused, and thoughts and rationalization is improved. 


If you are feeling imbalanced and out of place physically, emotionally, or relationally, you might be drawn to a location at which your Venus line crosses or intersects with your other Venus line. 

It is here that harmony, refinement, love and unity are said to be found. 


If you are lacking energy for business endeavors or other such projects, you might look to your Mars lines for a source of strength and drive.

Passion and anger can run high under this celestial influence, but can provide the best energy for achieving your goals. 

This celestial energy is traditionally associated with masculinity, while the moon is associated with femininity. 


Jupiter influences happiness, abundance, and miracles. 

You may just stumble upon good fortune in a location that aligns with this celestial positioning! 


Locations aligned with the energy of Saturn might present responsibility that is heavy and tires you out.

It may be that you feel a strong urge to retreat from a location that holds this celestial energy.

However, in facing hardships and practicing patience, you’ll earn wisdom and may come out of it with a sense of stability and balance. 


Locations under the influence of Uranus may present to you some sudden or unexpected change. 

This could come in the form of something unpleasant, or it may be that you make a brilliant discovery of something original.

Ideas are said to emerge and prosper under this celestial influence. 


Your psychic receptivity is said to be strengthened under the celestial influence of Neptune. 

With this connection, creativity is emboldened as well. 

However, as your upward connection is enhanced, your perception of the world directly around you may be blurred. 


Pluto is associated with death and rebirth. 

You may encounter destruction within a location under this celestial influence, but you will welcome the transformation that occurs in result. 

Under this influence, incredible feats can be accomplished! 


The lesser known, smaller celestial body of Chiron is said to provide insight into your purpose and personal power. 

Under this celestial influence, you may heal from past trauma and begin to understand yourself better through the process. 

North and South Nodes: 

The north and south lunar nodes are associated with past lives, destiny, and karma. 

The positioning of these with other planetary lines is indicative what is to come on your life journey. 

Rising or Ascendant (AC):

Your ascendant is the planet that was rising on the horizon to the east in the very moment in which you were born. 

Ascendants are always changing, so you will need to know the exact time of your birth in order to discern what yours is. 

Your ascendant is said to shape the trajectory of your life journey, influence how you understand the world, and determine how you exist in it. 

The Descendant (DC): 

Your descendant celestial body is associated with what you seek in relationships and how you relate to others.

Such qualities are commonly opposite to those you exhibit yourself. 

The Imuni Coeli (IC): 

The Imuni Coeli is associated with foundations. 

In a location influenced by this celestial energy you might feel inwardly reflective about your family, early beginnings, and unconscious self.

The Medium-Coeli/Midheaven (MC):

Opposingly positioned physically and associatively to the Imuni Coeli, the Medium-Coeli/Midheaven indicates the departure from private life and into public vocation. 

The Bottom Line: 

The astrocartography map can be a bit overwhelming to begin with. 

However, once you understand how to read the map, its symbols, and the celestial associations, you’ll be on your way to discovering your fortune.

Or, perhaps, you may have found that astrocartography is not the guidance method for you.

However, it is undeniably an intriguing science that many people swear by. 

I personally find it fascinating to think about how these celestial energies may have influenced, and continue to influence, my own life-journey even in the subtlest of ways. 

Thanks for reading!

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