Level 1-6 Certification


Ruth Rendley, founder of Seraphim Blueprint, began receiving Seraphim Angel energies in 1994, dormant since Atlantean time. When receiving these “Angelic Downloads” people notice a release of stress and increase of energy. It also assists in the energetic upgrade of the earth’s vibration. Ruth recently spoke on these energies to the United Nations Society for Enlightenment & Transformation;

Gigi (Gail Petersen), Spiritual Angel Channel, Teacher & Healer for over 30 years is now certified to bring the Seraphim Blueprint Energy System to you. It has touched Gigi’s life bringing amazing clarity to her already powerful spiritual Angel work, with an increase of abundance, energy, flow, ease and joy to her life.

Seraphim Blueprint Classes
Levels 1-6 Certification Classes

Learn effective techniques for physical and emotional healing, working with the Seraphim Blueprint Energy System
Taught by Gigi 

Levels 1-6 Seraphim Blueprint Certification
Heals you physically and emotionally, laying the foundation for spiritual growth. Uncover your natural ability to maximize your angelic connection for healing of self, others and the planet. The energies are given in a simple, relaxed, day-long workshop and are extremely easy to use.

The Seraphim Blueprint Energy System is a comprehensive system of energy attunements. When activated by your intention, these Seraphic energies run in the background without focused meditation. Perfect system for busy people–daily or weekly energy activations keep your energy field in alignment with many possible health benefits. 

Gigi teaches you to work deeper with these energies and/or become certified to teach. Classes are ongoing, inquire for a schedule and locations.

Be ready to Fly with the Angels 
in a day filled with fun Angelic downloads!

Call or email Gigi today to find out when and where the next class is being offered.