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“Gigi...Your reading for me was prescient. I am working on my book now and it's scope is extending beyond my original intention. Thank you for that reading. It was pivotal. Blessings.” –R

 “Gigi, I want to thank you for last evening. It was wonderful to be in a room with loving people and angels. The message that I received was "profound" for me and meant more than I could ever have hoped for. It actually took me totally by surprise, but it got to the core of my heart. Thanks to you and the angels!” –K

“Gigi–I read the GOD channeling you did yesterday.  It is so appropriate for me at this time. I truly know I am blessed with all the support and love I receive receive from your Divine calling.”


“Thanks so much for sharing my Angels with me! I feel honored and thrilled to have shared a uniquely powerful experience with you. I just re-listened to the message and in my message below I forgot to mention that when you were talking this morning, and Jesus kissed my cheek...I had my hand on my cheek. I rarely ever touch my own face so it was pretty incredible. Surges of love and energy.”

“Thanks, Gigi...wonderful reading today...I went from tears to laughter to extreme peace and contentment in one session. Love you, girl!!! XOXO”  –Karen

“Gail is truly a beautiful person with a grand gift. I was blessed to have been referred to her, she helped me gain insight, and realize the direction that I was taking in my life and the changes I needed to make, she and the Angels also helped me to overcome and release blocks that I was carrying with me, going as far back as childhood. It was truly a pleasure to partake in this gift, the Angel Reading was truly a blessing for me, it helped me to gain new focus and certainty, as well as, release doubt and fear about the future. It also reminded me how special I am, and how I am divinely guided and loved for by my Angels and God. I loved it so much, my 10 year old daughter, had an Angel Reading done, and was amazed, she now knows and is confident that she can turn to God and her Angels, for extra guidance, at any time. Gail is amazing– “truly an Angel on Earth.” –N

“Gail–An Amazing Angel Reader. Gail is known as "Angel Gail" in our Spiritual Circle. This precious intuitive Angel, is a blessed healer and teacher of the highest quality. I feel very blessed to have been sent Gail, when I was in a life threatening situation two years ago. My health has returned through my trust and faith and because of her highest connections and messages of advice on how to heal myself.

    The world is a better place because of the measure of her caring and her Love and Light.
My Heart sings with Love and joy from this higher level of healing and connection. With the deepest gratitude, not only to “Angel Gail” but to the Universe for my gift of meeting her when my need was so great! With love from my Heart to her Heart and yours...”  –Patricia

“I looked at Gail with amazement as she was giving me a reading…how could she possibly know that about me?!!! Gail was giving me the same information that I had received the night before in a dream!!! Gail’s readings have been both accurate and insightful…helping me gain a better awareness of myself along with personal validation of my feelings.” –S

“I was also very impressed with her recording format. Gail sent me a copy of our conversation over email, so I didn’t have to wait for her to ship a tape. I still refer to it!”

“Gail is a truly gifted and loving woman who wants to help all those she touches. If you haven’t already, I would highly recommend giving her a call to help ease your troubles and reset you on the path of your Divine will.”  –Kelly

“Thank you so much... your meditation was so moving. My heart is overflowed with the love and beautiful energy in the circle last night. I am also looking forward to one on one time.”

–Love, Vickie

“I don't know if you remember, but a year ago you told me that I would be a grandmother...and that my grandfather was overseeing the whole thing to make sure it went perfectly, and that it would be a boy. Yesterday, my son called to say it was ‘official’ that he and his wife are pregnant. They are BOTH SOOOO excited, and I couldn't be more thrilled. I sent them your quote, and Amber thought it was amazing! You are amazing!!! Thank you so much for all your love and support, again!!!”    –Love, S

“Thank you! I have put both of  your readings on my iPod! I also have the phone reading you did for me on there too! Thank you sooo much! You have no idea what that all did for me.”  –F

“Thanks so much for your time and thoughtful selflessness, Gail. Your weekly emails channeling my Angels is so inspiring and impeccably well timed. Have a wonderful day! I look forward to hearing from you soon.”  Blessings, –K

“Thank you Gail, Thank you very much. Blessings to you too.”  –S

“Great news that you've had such enthusiastic response. I was wondering if I could schedule another session. The last one was fabulous and answered a lot of questions but also raised others. Let me know when you have time. Looking forward to be held in your white wings again.”  –Love, B

“Thank you so much for last night. It has brought so much softness and safety into my life and What a fabulous talent you have. I have a friend who wants a reading, so I will forward your info on. I am so grateful to you!”  –Love, Light and Blessings to you, B

“Thank you for a very powerful and enlightening reading on Monday. I am a Christian and believe that there are many angels watching over all of us. I would, and have for some time, wanted to learn how to communicate with mine. I would very much like to have another reading with you.”    –Thanks again, R

“Hi dear lady, How wonderful! My reading is processing wonderfully. Things have been different, in a good way, between M and me since then. Had a good talk with R today, she was deeply touched by the experience of speaking with you and her angels. She has turned a corner.

My friend M may also contact you, she is wonderful. Love you lots, –S

“Thanks SO MUCH for a beautiful reading. I really appreciate! it!”   –Love & Light, –K

“Thank you once again for the awesome reading. It's gave me the incentive to accept the difficult challenge of a new business.”    –Larry

“What a beautiful message! Thank You. Funny thing, I do try to live my life in that Garden. So many seem to be attracted to me because of that. So many try to drag you into that dump and I choose to keep my garden! It's nice to be reminded that I am on the right track and beware of the ones that want you to feel like that dump.”  –Linda

“I called Gail for a reading over the phone. She gave me hope in a personal situation and gave me advice with a business issue. Both have positively changed my attitude about everyone involved.”

“With Gail's guidance, support and encouragement, I was able to reconstruct my life following a painful mid-life divorce. I had fallen into a black hole of depression, low self-esteem and zero confidence, and became involved in relationships with men that were less than I deserved. Gail helped me to understand the “big picture view” of why this was happening to me, so that I could learn the lessons I needed to learn in order to grow emotionally and move on with my life. It took time, effort and patience. I believe she saved my life.” –Mary


“thank you for reaching out to me and I thank my angels for making their presence strong in my life, thanks to you, I am now able to see that.” –N

“Tessa really enjoyed her time with you. She said that for the first time that she is not afraid of the future and what it will hold. She also said that she really appreciated talking with you. It really took a lot of anxiety and a bit of scattered teenage depression out of her. She feels very much ‘protected’ and optimistic now. Thank you!”  –H


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