Gigi’s Story


What would you do if I sang out of tune?

Would you still love me too?

My life from birth to age 30 was out of tune, a childhood overrun with pain, and filled with doubt that anyone loved me. Then it happened. My world turned from doom and gloom to hope and blessings of wonderful things for me. 

How, you ask? I heard a voice within tell me that beautiful things were going to happen in my life. A voice that gave me encouragement and warm feeling of love I remembered hearing when I was young.

Who was that? My Nana, who had passed 7 years prior, was talking to me. Telling me things were going to be wonderful in my life now and not to worry at all. The details she whispered to me, the wonderment of great experiences, all came true overnight. I was now a different person. I had something wonderful to hold on to, my Nana who had always spoke the truth, was helping me again.

What happened next? I went to a psychic–who, as I walked through his door, told me; “Your mother’s mother is trying to communicate with you. She wants you to know you have a gift to share with the world”.

(I found out later that my Nana lived her life (1890-1975) communicating with Spirit). That is how it all started.

So, here I am, 30 plus years later, communicating with Angels, those that have crossed to the other side, and the majority of the spiritual realm. They call it channeling; I call it blessings from the other side. Helping countless people change their perspective, awareness and structure in living their lives.

As I took the battered, shattered person I was and used the advice of the Angelic realm, my life transformed. I overcame depression, feelings of inadequacy in every form, a life filled with pain changed day by day, because I listened. I listened to the simplest directions, because at that time, I was not even able to go shopping without anxiety and doubt filling me up and making me non-functional. They guided me to make better choices and the feeling of being alone in this world disappeared and my walk in life became easier.

Now, I serve as a beacon of light for others. I am able to shop, dance, cook, and live my life with more joy and happiness then I ever imagined possible. My mission is to teach YOU how to do the same.

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